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About Giorgio Casa

Giorgio Casa is a factory that produces stylish designer furniture. The company was founded over 40 years ago. From the very first days, the company's products were distinguished by their exquisite appearance and high quality, thanks to which they won the love of millions of people around the world. We can safely say that the furniture of this brand is saturated with the spirit of noble antiquity, since it is made exclusively from natural wood and only by hand. Each product is decorated with artistic inlay, gilding and carving, so that it acquires a luxurious and noble appearance. If you also want your interior to be decorated with true Italian furniture, then you just need to buy Giorgio Casa products in Minsk. Our salon is the official dealer of this Italian factory, so we offer the lowest prices. The catalog presents a wide selection of furniture, ranging from simple chairs and poufs, to ready-made solutions for the bedroom, office and other rooms. Smooth lines, functionality, high quality, elegant decor – this is how Giorgio Casa products can be characterized, which will take their rightful place in any interior.

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