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About Francesco Pasi

Francesco Pasi was founded 45 years ago (in 1975). The head of the Pasi family had a weakness for Italian furniture traditions, so he began to manufacture furniture in a style based on the highest quality and most constructive approach. Designers draw inspiration from Venetian classic trends. Francesco Pasi product lines are specially designed for various design studios. In order to create unique and original works, all Francesco Pasi products are patented and branded. This is evidenced by trademarks, logos and company registered patent. The wide assortment of the company is represented by exquisite furniture, and attention to detail and high-quality manual finishes create coziness and comfort in any room. Furniture Francesco Pasi is designed for a long operational period, as every detail is resistant to mechanical stress. The company widely presents its products not only in Italy, but throughout the world. A special love for the Francesco Pasi collections is nourished by Russia and countries of Eastern Europe. Here are sales centers and showrooms. In Minsk, our salon is the official dealer of the company. We offer a unique opportunity to buy Italian furniture at attractive prices.

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