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Francesco Molon is a factory that produces designer furniture. The company was founded in 1966 by designer Francesco Molon. He started with furniture for bedrooms, children's rooms and office space. Each product was distinguished by its appearance. It combined sophisticated handmade woodcarving techniques, rich décor from precious and semi-precious materials, and Italian sophistication. Thanks to this approach, products quickly became popular all over the world. Francesco Molon furniture is distinguished by the fact that it is always timeless. It looks great with both a classic style and a more modern modern. At the same time, it adorns any interior. Today, on the pages of the catalog you can find products in a wide variety of styles: Empire style, country, art deco, antiquity. Thanks to this, each person will be able to find exactly the option that he needs. Our salon is the official dealer of Francesco Molon, which is why we offer to buy this brand in Minsk at the best price. We offer any piece of furniture for any room, from chairs and chests of drawers to luxurious beds and wardrobes. Each piece is like a song in which notes of various styles are intertwined. Thanks to Francesco Molon furniture, you can create a luxurious interior at home, which in its beauty is in no way inferior to the best hotels and real royal palaces.

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