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About Faustig

Faustig has been producing unique crystal lamps for almost half a century. Original assortment, consistently high quality and world-class products are the hallmarks of Faustig. The company philosophy is simple: light is life, and everyone recognizes the huge impact of lighting on feelings, thoughts and moods in the room. Light gives rise to comfort, a feeling of happiness and creates only the best emotions. That is exactly what Faustig designers think, and each time they present elegant and sophisticated collections to the world. Among the products you can find crystal chandeliers, lamps, original sconces. Manufacturers always strive for beauty and elegance. It brings enormous benefits, 20 years ago, Faustig factory entered the Guinness Book of Records, because it was here that they created the largest chandelier in the world for the Omani mosque, and after 7 years, the designers set a new record and created several crystal compositions for another mosque. In the Faustig catalog you will not find faceless and standard options, only unique crystal chandeliers are presented here, designed to serve their owner forever. In Minsk, such original models can be bought in our salon. We are the official dealer of Faustig and are ready to offer you the best options at the most beautiful prices in the country.

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