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About Elstead

Elstead is a British company that produces designer lighting products for home and street. The factory was founded in 1967. It all started with a small forge, where steel lamps were made for the house and the street. The master tried to bring each product to perfection. Thanks to this approach, the company quickly became popular around the world. Nowadays, the canons of the past have not lost their relevance, but, on the contrary, shone with new colors. Like 50 years ago, each lamp was brought to perfection, due to which it can be safely called a real work of art. Elstead lights shine both literally and figuratively. They will give you a feeling of calm, so that an ordinary evening turns into a real royal ball. If you also want to feel like a queen or a prince, then you just need to buy Elstead lamps in Minsk. Our salon is an official dealer, so we supply all products at the price of the manufacturer. A walk through our catalog pages will remind you of an excursion to the museum, since each product is distinguished by its beauty and unusual appearance. Here you will find chic floor lamps, luxurious sconces, street and home lights and much more. Each product will be a wonderful addition to any interior and allow you to mentally go back in time.

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