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About DV home

DV Home is an Italian company that produces stylish furniture and design fixtures. The factory was founded in 1974 by two brothers Aldo and Giuseppe. They started with the production of tables and chairs. Products were in great demand, as they were of high quality, attractive appearance and affordable price. After that, it was decided to expand the range, and the company added not only other pieces of furniture, but also lamps for the home and the street. Over the years, the positions of DV Home only strengthened as the factory began to collaborate with eminent Italian designers who offered the world completely new models of chairs, sofas, beds, and some of the lamps were a real work of art. In addition, the company began to cooperate with other brands, so completely new and unique collections were born. Today, and you have the opportunity not only to contemplate this beauty, but also to enjoy it every day. Our salon offers you a unique opportunity to buy DV Home products in Minsk on the most favorable conditions. We are the official dealer of this brand, so the cost of all collections is 25% lower than that of competitors. Our range is represented by banquets, wardrobes, comfortable beds, chests of drawers, chairs, lamps. If you want to make your life even more comfortable, DV Home products are what you need.

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