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About Cesar cucine

The history of the Italian factory Cesar began in the 70s of the 20th century. In those years, there was a real boom of experiments in furniture design, which the company picked up, thereby gaining popularity. In addition, at that time the brand was one of the first to follow such an experiment as creating American-style kitchen furniture, i.e. prefabricated, sectional versions. In the future, the factory followed profitable and successful strategies, achieved its goals, updating production, introducing new modern technical means, as well as following the latest trends in the world of interior fashion. Cesar today is a successful, dynamically developing company that creates exquisite cuisine using the highest quality materials. At the moment, the assortment of the factory is represented mainly by modern-style kitchens, but more traditional versions are available that reflect the essence of the Italian style in design. The designers of the factory set as their goal to create not just a stylish interior item, but to create an integral composition complementing the interior of the kitchen space.

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