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Brumberg is engaged in the production of design lamps for indoor lighting. The company was founded in 1873 by the famous businessman Hermann Joseph Brumberg. It all started with the production of kerosene lamps. Since then, the company has remained faithful to tradition and manufactured lighting products. Despite the fact that over 150 years of its history, the factory was completely destroyed twice, the Brumberg family rebuilt it and continued to do their favorite thing. Today, the Brumberg brand is known for its lighting fixtures made in various styles. The company also offers designer products in which several styles are intertwined. Another strong point of the fixtures of this brand is its high quality and the introduction of innovative technologies. Lighting products use exclusively LED and RGB lamps, as well as optical fibers. Thanks to this, the brand’s products are of high quality and low power consumption. Our dealership offers to buy Brumberg lighting devices in Minsk. We offer various wall, table and floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and much more. All products have quality certificates. In addition, the manufacturer offers an extended warranty and the best prices. Choosing Brumberg products makes your life brighter.

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