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About Bega

Bega is a German company that manufactures outdoor lighting. For 60 years, the factory has gone from a small workshop to a leading global brand in this field. The company was able to achieve such success with its own developments in the field of lighting engineering and the creative design of each product. Each model of the lamp is created taking into account atmospheric influence. Thanks to this, lighting devices are not afraid of snow, rain and temperature changes. The basis of the luminaires is modern LED-lamps, which are able to work more than 100 thousand hours in a row. The company's designers are trying to create products that would be most suited to a particular architectural object and would become a harmonious part of the building. Bega luminaires have a three-dimensional lighting effect, which allows you to breathe new life into the surrounding space. Our dealership offers to buy Bega street lamps in Minsk at a reduced price. Here you will find street lights, lamps, overhead spotlights. All products are equipped with protective electronic equipment, which eliminates overheating of components. Special frosted glass allows you to diffuse light and make it softer. High quality, ease of use, attractive appearance and aesthetics are the reasons why Bega products will never go out of fashion and will last you more than one year.

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