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About Bakokko

Bakokko Italian factory for the production of designer luxury furniture and other products for decorating the interior. The history of the company began back in 1956. Then Marcello Otildo organized a craft workshop, where he manually made chairs. Over time, his children retrained and began to make sofas, armchairs, tables and other luxury furniture. The success of the brand lies in the fact that the craftsmen work out every smallest detail and decorate the finished products with various materials. Gilding, semiprecious stones, luxurious fabrics and even Swarovski crystals are used as decor. Thanks to this, Bakokko is today a synonym for quality and prestige. Also on the pages of the catalog you can find luxurious interior and exterior doors, stained-glass windows, frescoes for decorating ceilings and much more. Products are made both by hand and on the most modern machines. Our dealership offers to buy Bakokko products in Minsk. Thanks to armchairs, chairs, sofas, tables and various decorative elements, you will create a holistic image of the interior of your home, apartment or boutique hotel. All products are saturated with aesthetics, elegance and Italian philosophy, due to which each product will give you aesthetic pleasure.

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