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About Arredo3

Arredo3 is an unique ratio of the impeccable quality of furniture and its value. At the beginning of production, the creators of the company proposed an innovative solution for the consumer market when creating kitchen furniture. And it immediately gained popularity among buyers. However, the manufacturer has always sought to improve its models, focusing on customer requests and constantly satisfying them. Today, Arredo3 is the largest kitchen manufacturer in all of Italy. 68 branches of the company are represented in 47 countries of the world, which allowed organizing innovative production divisions and ensuring a reliable and high-quality level of products. Thus, Arredo3 fully provides and produces custom-made furniture in the shortest possible time. In addition to kitchen sets, the company presents headsets and accessories for the living room and bedroom. Production is characterized by high-tech CNC machines, perfect assembly lines and an efficient manufacturing process. This approach allows you to reduce the time it takes for the products to enter the world market – it takes only 30 days to receive an order. Our salon is an official dealer of Arredo3, which allows us to offer original models of guaranteed quality to residents of Minsk and all Belarus. You can buy products from an Italian factory at the lowest prices in the capital!

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