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About Altavilla

Altavilla is a company that produces luxurious, elegant and unique designer furniture. The factory was founded in 1960. The main feature of the products of this brand is a combination of different styles, so Altavilla furniture can be recognized immediately and accurately. At the same time, they do not forget about quality. All products are made exclusively from natural and durable materials. The assembly process itself is carefully monitored, making each product durable and reliable. As a decor, expensive textiles, gilded buttons, semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals are used. Our dealership offers to buy Altavilla furniture in Minsk. We have a wide selection of products, from chairs and sofas to ready-made solutions for any room. Thanks to the manual methods of wood processing, each product has an unforgettable, exclusive appearance and is unique in terms of aesthetics. Most of the products are presented in royal colors, it is white, burgundy and gold. Altavilla furniture will give your interior a little bourgeoisness, sophistication and respectability, as well as help create an atmosphere of comfort and true Italian style.

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