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AGM (Alberto and Mapio Ghezzani) factory for the manufacture of furniture in the style of Versailles, Regency, Baroque. The company offers products for the bedroom, living room, dining room, dressing room. Each product is a real work of art, which allows you to reproduce the atmosphere of the 18-19 centuries. As the main material, craftsmen have always used valuable species of wood: Italian walnut, rosewood, oak. The furniture is decorated with hand-painted, gilding, semiprecious and precious stones. To extend the life of the wood helps a special varnish, created according to the old recipe of Florentine craftsmen. Thanks to him, furniture looks not just luxurious, but royal. Our dealership offers you to buy AGM furniture in Minsk. All products are certified and of high quality. In our catalog you can find luxurious beds with a high headboard, stylish armchairs, soft sofas, comfortable chairs and much more. With their high quality and beautiful appearance, they appeal to everyone, from conservatives to fans of modern interiors. AGM products give you real pleasure. With it, you will decorate not only your home, but also your own life!

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