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2 seater fabric garden sofa

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Introducing the Tape Cord Outdoor garden sofa from luxury brand Minotti, designed by Nendo. This exquisite piece of furniture is a statement of elegance and sophistication that will transform your outdoor living space. The Tape Cord Outdoor is an evolution of the Tape family of seats, first debuted in 2018, and now reimagined to include outdoor elements.

The sofa is available in two colours – Mud and Licorice – and is made of wicker-effect cords, giving it a timeless and stylish appearance. The couture detail of the Tape is reflected in the Light Bronze-coloured metal plate, which holds the feet on to the sofa’s body. This detail is evident in the entire 2019 Outdoor Collection, making it a distinctive and recognizable feature of the brand.

The Tape Cord Outdoor garden sofa is perfect for any outdoor space, no matter how small or large. It comes in a variety of sizes, from armchairs to sofas, chaise longues, and coffee tables, so you can create the perfect relaxation area. You can also choose from a range of top materials, including Silver Beola and Corian® EC. The metal tables come with a Light Bronze finish, inspired by the Tape detail, adding a touch of luxury to your outdoor living space.

The Tape Cord Outdoor garden sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in your lifestyle. The sofa’s design, quality, and durability make it a must-have for those with a taste for luxury and style. Contact us today to get the price and add this masterpiece to your collection.

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