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Highboard with doors with drawers

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About Harvey Line

Introducing Harvey Line from Minotti – the ultimate highboard collection for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Designed by a renowned creative mind, Harvey Line is a transformation of the classic Harvey style. With new lacquered colors, updated performances, and a range of sizes, this stunning collection has everything you need to elevate your interior design game.

But it’s not just the new colors and sizes that make Harvey Line stand out. The base has been given a complete makeover, with wood replaced by a sleek, intimate Pewter finish. The straight lines and minimalist design give it a contemporary and sophisticated feel, perfect for any modern home. The Harvey Line highboard is a statement piece that will effortlessly enhance any living space, adding a touch of elegance and style.

The Harvey Line collection has been designed to cater to those with a high-income lifestyle. With a focus on impeccable quality and attention to detail, every piece of furniture is crafted to perfection. The Harvey Line highboard is no exception, with stunning finishes and materials that are sure to impress even the most discerning of buyers.

If you’re looking for a highboard that is both beautiful and functional, Harvey Line is the perfect choice. Whether you need extra storage space or simply want to make a statement with your interior design, this collection has it all. Contact us today to find out more about the Harvey Line highboard and how it can transform your home. Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite piece of furniture!

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