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Introducing the Auto-reverse 2-seater sofa by Arketipo Firenze, an exceptional piece of furniture for the discerning buyer. The Auto-reverse sofa is part of the exclusive Auto-reverse collection designed by the renowned designer Giuseppe Viganò. This sofa is perfect for those who are looking for a sofa with a unique character and impeccable quality.

The design of the Auto-reverse sofa is inspired by the concept of expressing a double soul in the living area. The apparent casual and untidy look is cleverly balanced with an extreme care for detail, resulting in an object of sharp style and high quality. The thin structure of the sofa is both elegant and discreet, which enwraps and contains the seat cushions, the back and arms, emphasized by flounces all around the perimeter to grant a definite movement to the line and add a tactile and visual softness to the sofa.

The important zip, applied to the four sides of the cushions, fastens the two-sided cover, one in leather and one in fabric, giving rigour to the sofa and underlining its unique design. The result is a sofa in which the softness and warmth of the fabric coexists with the elegance of leather. It creates a peculiar mix of materials to create different chromatic combinations and sophisticated matches.

The structure of the sofa seems to float above the ground thanks to the thin, minimal feet made of square section metal. The Auto-reverse sofa is perfect for those who are looking for a sofa with a unique character and impeccable quality. It is perfect for those who love to impress and appreciate the beauty of luxury furniture.

If you are looking for a sofa that is not just a piece of furniture but an art piece that adds to the aesthetics of your space, then the Auto-reverse 2-seater sofa by Arketipo Firenze is the perfect choice for you. Ask us for the price of this sofa today and bring home a piece of furniture that screams luxury and sophistication.

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