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About Arteinmotion

Arteinmotion is an Italian company that produces designer lighting fixtures and extra-class furniture. The founder of the factory is Carlo Panchiroli. He loved to travel and draw inspiration during his trips. All over the world he studied antique English shops and exotic markets of the Far East. Thanks to this, he created his own style, which he embodied in his products. Every piece of Arteinmotion furniture is a true piece of furniture art. Thanks to this, the company's products fit perfectly into any interior. Only high-quality and natural materials are used as raw materials: rare woods, metal, leather. Each product is made by hand, which allows you to get a unique product. Our salon offers to buy Arteinmotion products in Minsk. We are an official dealer, so we offer the lowest prices in the city. The catalog is represented by unique fashionable elements of furniture for various rooms, as well as amazing models of lighting fixtures. The splendor of design ideas, environmentally friendly and safe materials and manual labor gives Arteinmotion products a special style, charm and originality. All this will amaze every customer’s imagination.

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